Why 2 API keys?

This page will guide you on how to get an API key (which is mandatory for using the API)

Good to know: Random Stuff API is proxied using RapidApi and all requests should be made through RapidApi

Exposed or lost your custom API key? Well, worry not! You can always regenerate it from our website.

The Need for An API Key

An API Key is a unique identification number given to each user ( app ) who wants to make API calls ( requests ). It is used to track the number of requests made by a particular app to avoid Denial of Service attacks and also for premium features

The Need for 2 API Keys

We don’t save your RapidApi key in our own database for your own privacy, and a custom API key helps us to know that the request being made is actually legit and not through a DDOS attack. RapidAPI makes our work easy by allowing us to directly integrate RateLimit and premium features into our API and it allows developers like you to access thousands of free APIs

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