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Your donation will help the API to continue to improve and be developed.

Normal Donations

These are the methods you can use to doante me without CryptoCurrency:

  • Ko-Fi

    Ko-Fi is an amazing service that allows students/creators like me to accept donations all around the world. Reciving donations through Ko-fi doesn't cost me a fee! Click here to Donate

  • Paypal

    You can donate me through Paypal. Paypal requires me to give a fee of 3%-5% depending on the amount of the donation. Click here to donate

Crypto Donations

Even though I highly discourage donations through CryptoCurrency, You can still donate me through the following cryptocurrencies (I am not a cryptocurrency expert so please don't expect me to explain how to use them):

  • Dogecoin

    You can donate me through DogeCoin, my Doge address is DG4h44gxqzZZmvJNQouWbAr4uKD4de8xKC

  • Bitcoin

    You can donate me through Bitcoin, my Bitcoin address is 17SFxxaBzw9SVWVGWXBZzucDr6EUCVS2Uu

  • Ethereum

    You can donate me through Ethereum, my Ethereum address is 0xa4cF6C4e6172262a2DF508D7C734790A09eb4F8c. (Don't use Smart Contact, only use wallet)

  • Litecoin

    You can donate me through Litecoin, my Litecoin address is LchEaXy5vJg2hFEfmF9PrgRxZFMszKQCL3