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You can use this endpoint to manipulate images using the API and get the result back in base64 format.

GET /canvas/:method

Required Parameters:

Parameter Name Type Description
method path What type of method do you want
Authorization header Your api key.

Optional Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
img1 query First image URL (PNG FORMAT)
img2 query Second Image URL (PNG FORMAT)
img3 query Third Image URL (PNG FORMAT)
txt query Text string


Types of methods available and parameters required.

Method(s) in which only 1 image is required:

"affect", "beautiful", "wanted", "delete", "trigger", "facepalm", "blur", "hitler", "kiss", "jail", "invert", "jokeOverHead"

Method(s) in which 2 images are required:

"bed", "fuse" , "kiss", "slap", "spank"

Method(s) in which 3 images are required:


Method(s) in which only Text is required: