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Introduction (v5)

What's new?

  • Better Error/Response Handlers:
    Version 5 improves the way API responds to requests and how it reacts to errors/false requests
  • New Endpoints:
    Version 5 brings along with it 4 new endpoints - /covid, /weather, /facts and /canvas
  • Better rate-limits:
    RateLimits have been adjusted so as to provide the most genuine number of requests possible.
  • More customisation than ever:
    Version 5 provides more customisation than ever in all endpoints


Plan Name Price Daily Quota Minute Quota
FREE FREE 2,500 60
PRO 2$/MONTH 5,000 100
ULTRA 4$/MONTH 10,000 150
BIZ 7$/MONTH 17,000 No Limit
MEGA 10$/MONTH 27,000 No Limit


Package Name Language Status
Random-Stuff-Api Javascript Working Python Working
YARSAW Python Working
RSAP Python Working
PRSAW Python Working
pywRSA Python Out-dated
PRSAW2 Python Out-dated
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